BCTS 7: 8 Days Masai Mara / Nakuru / Amboseli / Tsavo West

BCTS 7: 8 Days Masai Mara / Nakuru / Amboseli / Tsavo West

Day 1: Nairobi to Masai Mara

06:30 AM: Your adventure begins with a captivating safari briefing. Depart from Nairobi and embark on a scenic journey through the awe-inspiring Great Rift Valley, passing through the vibrant town of Narok as you make your way to the iconic Masai Mara Game Reserve.

12:30 PM: Arrive at our exclusive campsite, where you’ll have the opportunity to select your tent and acquaint yourself with the campgrounds. Meanwhile, our chefs will be busy preparing a hot lunch for you.

03:30 PM: Prepare for an exhilarating afternoon game drive. Seek out the magnificent Black-Maned lions, majestic elephants, elusive leopards, swift cheetahs, formidable buffalos, and an array of other plains game. Be prepared to be captivated by the wildlife of the Masai Mara.

Evening: As the sun sets, return to the camp where a delectable dinner awaits, served in the midst of this incredible wilderness. Dinner and Overnight: Spend the night at our campsite, surrounded by the enchanting sounds of the African night.

Fun Fact: The Masai Mara, a land of breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife, is renowned as the stage for the annual wildebeest migration, one of the world’s most mesmerizing natural phenomena.

Day 2: Exploring the Mara – Morning and Afternoon Game Drives Morning: Wake up to the sounds of the African bush. After a satisfying breakfast, get ready for a full day of adventure in the Masai Mara. Your day starts with a hearty breakfast, and then you’ll be ready for an action-packed day in the Masai Mara. Head out on a morning game drive, where you’ll have the chance to witness the Mara’s wildlife in its natural splendour. Keep your eyes peeled for more incredible encounters with the region’s famous residents, including the Big Five and numerous other species. Return to the camp for a delicious lunch. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax and rejuvenate before your afternoon activities. In the afternoon, embark on another thrilling game drive. The Masai Mara never ceases to amaze with its diverse and captivating wildlife. Prepare for more awe-inspiring moments. As the sun dips below the horizon, return to the camp, where a sumptuous dinner awaits. Enjoy the serenity of the African night as you relish your meal in the heart of the wilderness.
3: Full Day Game Drive Masai Mara’s Wildlife: 08:00 AM: Embark on a full day game drive across the vast and captivating landscapes of the Masai Mara. Your mission is to spot the renowned Big Five: lions, elephants, leopards, buffalos, and rhinoceros. These remarkable animals are a testament to the wild beauty of this region. Afternoon: Continue your journey, immersing yourself in the breathtaking scenery that characterizes the Mara. Enjoy a picnic lunch by the Hippo Pools, a serene place where you can observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, along with other riverbank wildlife. You also have the option to take a short guided walk with a warden for a closer look at the ecosystem. Evening: Return to camp for a delightful dinner and another peaceful night under the African skies. Dinner and Overnight: Enjoy dinner at our campsite, where you can soak in the serene atmosphere of the Masai Mara after a day filled with incredible wildlife experiences. Seasonal Note: The Masai Mara is not only home to year-round wildlife but also plays host to the annual wildebeest migration, a natural spectacle that occurs between July and October. During this period, millions of wildebeest and zebras make their way through the Mara in search of greener pastures, creating an unforgettable sight and attracting predators to the scene. If you plan your visit during these months, you’ll witness this remarkable event that has made the Mara world-famous.
Depart Masai Mara and journey to Lake Nakuru Town, where a hot lunch awaits. 15:30 hrs: Embrace the adventure at Lake Nakuru National Park, renowned for its unique ecological wonders. Enjoy a full afternoon game drive through the park to spot both Black and White Rhinos and in search of the Big 5, creating an experience that’s nothing short of awe-inspiring. The park’s most famous feature, the ‘WORLD’S GREATEST BIRD SPECTACLE,’ created by millions of flamingos along the lake’s shores, is a must-see. Witness the grace of Rothschild’s giraffes, a unique find in this part of Kenya. Lake Nakuru National Park offers sanctuary to 56 species of native African mammals, and you might even spot elusive leopards. The climate around the lake varies from hot and humid to cool, providing comfortable conditions for your exploration. After a day filled with remarkable encounters, at 18:00 hrs, depart from Nakuru for Lake Elementaita. After a short drive, arrive at your hotel for dinner and overnight.
Day 5: From Lake Elementaita to Amboseli National Park Early Morning: Start your day with a peaceful bird walk along the shores of Lake Elementaita, an opportunity to appreciate the rich avian life in this beautiful setting. After breakfast: Bid farewell to Lake Elementaita and embark on your journey. You’ll pass by Lake Naivasha and Mt. Longont as you make your way through the stunning Rift Valley, crossing over to the Great Athi Plains. Drive South: Head south on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway, continuing on to the Loitokitok road, and anticipate your arrival at Amboseli National Park in the late afternoon. 16.00 hrs: Waste no time and embark on a full afternoon game drive within the remarkable Amboseli National Park. Get ready for remarkable encounters with the park’s diverse wildlife. Late Evening: Arrive at your camp within the park, where a scrumptious dinner awaits. Settle in for a comfortable and peaceful overnight stay. Accommodation: You’ll be staying at Amboseli AA Lodge, Amboseli Kilima, Amboseli Sentrim Lodge, or a similar accommodation, providing you with a cozy and inviting retreat.
Day 6: A Full Day Safari in Amboseli National Park 08:00 hrs: After breakfast, set out for a full day game drive in the captivating Amboseli National Park. Extensive Morning Game Drive: Explore the park’s diverse ecosystem and embark on a thrilling morning game drive. Keep your eyes peeled for the iconic Large Elephant Herds, majestic Lions, curious Hyenas, elusive Bat Eared Foxes, swift Cheetahs, and a myriad of Plains Game. Picnic Lunch at Amboseli Observation Hill: As the day unfolds, relish a picnic lunch at Amboseli Observation Hill. From this unique vantage point, you can watch elephants as they bathe in a swamp from the summit. This pyramid-shaped volcanic hill rises above the predominantly flat Amboseli National Park, offering a breathtaking view of the desert plains, swamps, and the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro as your backdrop while you enjoy your meal. Full Afternoon Game Drive: Following lunch, continue your exploration with a full afternoon game drive. The park holds more surprises to unveil, from its remarkable wildlife to its enchanting landscapes. 16:00 hrs: For an enriching cultural experience, you have the option to visit a traditional village (USD 20). Engage in captivating dances, melodious songs, witness their fire-making techniques, and embrace the distinctive culture of the local community. Late Afternoon: Return to your camp in the late afternoon, where a delightful dinner awaits. Settle in for a peaceful overnight stay. Fun Fact: Amboseli National Park is famous for its elephants. Due to the park’s open landscapes and impressive backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, it offers some of the best elephant viewing opportunities in Africa. The park is often referred to as the “Land of Giants” for its iconic elephant herds.
07:00 AM: Start your day with a hearty breakfast, and then depart from Amboseli Game Reserve towards Tsavo West National Park. Enjoy a game drive along the way, with opportunities to spot various wildlife. 13:00 PM: Arrive at Tsavo West National Park in time for a delicious lunch at one of the parks picnic sites. Embark on an exciting game drive. Keep your eyes peeled for encounters with big cats, plains game, and Tsavo’s renowned Red Elephants. Your game drive will take you through the park’s stunning landscapes and wildlife-rich areas. Dinner and Overnight: Spend the evening and night at the lodge, where you can watch animals as they visit the lodge’s private water hole. It’s a unique opportunity to witness wildlife in their natural habitat right from the comfort of your lodge.
06.30 hrs: After breakfast, proceed to Mzima Springs where hippos and varied fish are seen swimming in the clear waters. Thereafter return to Nairobi OR take the Train to Mombasa (included in the price.)

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