Best Kenyan Safari Tour Packages

Kenya has a lot to offer from a diversified animal kingdom to the scenic terrain of Savanna. This ecosystem of Kenya helps foster the livelihood of not just animals but also the Masai people. An abundance of animals, birds and a unique cultural experience makes it the best location for a safari getaway. Safari in the reserves of Masai-Mara is truly one of a kind experience.

Enlisted below are some of the best Kenyan safari packages:

Kenya & Tanzania Camping Package:

Rejuvenate in the warm sunlight of Kenya and Tanzania. Covering the plains of Masai-Mara to the foothills of Mt. Kenya. From elephant in Amboseli to cheetah in Samburu. Observe the big five of Africa. The Kenyan & Tanzania camping package can start with 3 days at least 13 days on a most camping trips. The camping safari tour can be combined with a few nights at a lodge at the request of an individual. The immersive experience of camping in the African skyline with a bonfire, comfortable cosy sleeping bags and divine English breakfast.

Lodge Safari:

The Luxury Kenya safari packages is specially developed for those who have refined taste and want to travel in style. After spending the day galloping in the terrain of Kenyan Savanna return to a luxurious lodge in Masai Mara to relax and rejuvenate with our Luxury Lodge Safari.

Adventurous Tented Safari Package:

For those who have a taste of adventure and want to experience the truest African experience. Our Kenya safari packages of tented safari is unique and designed not for the faint-hearted. In our tented safari, you can see the big five of Africa up close.

Tailor-Made Safari:

For those who want to live life as per their rules, this Kenyan safari package has been designed to cater to those people. Where one will have the autonomy to design their tour. Thus, have a bespoke African experience.

The Great Wildebeest Migration Special:

A special Kenyan safari package that focuses on the infamous Great Wildebeest Migration. This migration happens all year round. However, the best time to witness this is from July to September as summer is on its last leg and pre-rain season. While observing the Great Wildebeest you can also observe other animals both herbivores and carnivores. Thus, expect a whole lot of animals to observe in this package.

Coupled with our experience in Kenyan safari and engaging packages, we ensure you get the best safari experience that is second to none. Having a safari package for everyone, accomodating all kinds of budgets. We will cover north to south of all the reserves. We vouch to offer you a time of life.

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