Elements Of A Good Lodge In Masai-Mara

Where to stay is the pondering question that looms over since the trip planning starts. When you’re planning an exciting safari adventure trip to Masai-Mara one of the important aspects is the lodging facility. A bad lodge stay can ruin your experience, whereas a good lodge can experience can be the highlight of your trip. This is why one should choose a lodge to stay in with care. Just going through one site or recommendation shouldn’t form your opinion. You must re-verify the quality of lodges from other sites as well.

We have listed down some of the elements of the best lodges in Masai-Mara.

1. The surrounding area

When you’re choosing a lodge to stay it is important you take a note of the surrounding. If the lodge is located in a very viable area it provides for a good siting of animals and nature well beyond the sundown. Usually, most safaris end before the sunset, but the activities in the jungle don’t end there. It continues well into the nighttime. This is why, if your lodge is positioned in a good area, it can lend you a site of animals well beyond the safari hours.

2. Ambience

It depends on with whom you’re travelling, the lodge’s ambience will play a key role. Even if you book the best lodge in Masai-Mara but it doesn’t match the travelling companions’ vibe, it can ruin the entire experience. This is why it is important that you figure out with whom you’ll be travelling. Is it alone? Or with a family with children? As per that, you must book a lodge.

3. Hotel amenities

Before finalizing the best lodges in Masai-Mara to stay in, you must take a good look at the hotel’s amenities. Many lodges can provide the same amenities, but the quality of amenities is where they might make a difference. Thus, taking a quick look at the amenities page is not enough. Do a comparative assessment of the competitive hotels.

4. The distance to other locations

Even if you’re booking the best lodge in Masai-Mara but it is located in the far off corner of the National Park, away from the Mara river or other prominent sites, where you can see a host of animals. This will rob you of your precious time in travelling. And travelling in the scorching heat of Savannah will not be an easy task even inside the vehicle. Thus, a lodge within close proximity to all good sites is very important.

When you book your next trip to Masai-Mara, don’t forget to take some or all tips from our list. This helps you circle down some of the best among the best lodges in Masai-Mara to reside. Always remember a good lodge can make all the difference to your trip.

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