You can trust Best Camping Tours and Safaris Limited, to be the travel partner for exciting, all-inclusive Kenyan safari adventures for every season…
Our affordable camping and luxury lodge safaris, mountain trekking excursions and beach holiday packages offer every traveller a complete tour package — whether it is for a weekend getaway or “long-stay” holiday.

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Best Camping Tours and Safaris Limited (BCTS) is a certified and recognised East Africa Tours & Travel Operator.

Our 33 Year’ Track Record of Camping Experience and Reliable Testimonies Makes Us Your Ideal Travel Guide and Partner

Our professional team works to get you on the road, as well as, have you participate in our BCTS Dream. Explore. Discover Africa inspired tours, all year round.
Bring along your family, friends, colleagues (or) go on a solo trip — you get in on the locals rich culture, scenic savannah and white, sandy beaches for unforgettable memories. It’s easy and fast safari tour booking at your fingertips.
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Get To Know What We Can Do For You

New place, new faces, new customs certainly adds an exciting twist to any trip and (sometimes) booking a trip can be just as puzzling, right?

  • That is where we at Best Camping Tours and Safaris Ltd. step in as your trusted safari travel companion

We offer reliable, safe accommodation and travel through comprehensive standard and customised safari tour packages, to different top holiday destinations in Kenya and Tanzania. Our professional guides coordinate every game drive / safari and excursion; so every client (that’s you), has an experienced, sociable and fluent (English, Swahili and Native Dialects) guide, throughout any trip.

In addition to our reliable, 24 hour assistance, our fleet of safari minibuses & 4 Wheel-Drive land cruisers are equipped with :-

  • Pop-Up Roofs
  • Sliding windows access to each passenger
  • Seat Belts
  • High Frequency Radio
  • State-Of-The-Art safety features (e.g. government-certified speed governors, complete first-aid kit) plus more…

Get On The Road: No Frills But Plenty Of Thrills

If you are looking for a more personalised safari tour, you are good to go!

Select any of our BCL and BCTS affordable safari packages on and

Our Best Camping Tours and Safaris Ltd team makes sure that you enjoy your personal travel style, when you choose any of our Kenya safari tour and Tanzania safari tour packages.

So, whether you are on a day trip, a camping safari, a luxury lodge safari you deserve to have a new point of view about your travel destination: to enjoy better prices and meet exceptional people.

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